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About h9industries

At h9industries we strive to produce innovative and effective solutions to all of our clients problems. In fact, we are so commited to innovation that we made our slogan "innovating always".

h9industries is the parent company of a group of divisions that specialise in fields ranging from network infrastructure development to media production.

Divisions of h9industries


Specialising in photography and videograph for all occasions.


Providing custom web and software solutions to client projects.


Developing and maintaing the infrastructure our clients demand.


All clients get access to the h9i user area and custom mail and calendar services.

Current Projects

A look at a selection of the current projects the various divisions of h9industries are working on.

To find out more about our past and current projects, visit the relevent section of the division websites.

HAAbase Wales

In partnership with The Handley Partnership, h9development has just released the first version of HAAbase Wales. This is a database providing local authorities from within Wales access to the Welsh Listed Building Database.

Monday 23rd June 2014

Bear Traffic Controller: Over the Cloud

h9media was recently involved in producing a game introduction video for "Bear Traffic Controller: Over the Cloud" an Air Traffic Management game developed by a group of students from the University of York Computer Science department as part of their second year Software Engineering project.

This video is available on YouTube here and further information about "Bear Traffic Controller: Over the Cloud" is available here

As part of this project a "Behind the Scenes" video was also produced and this too can be found on YouTube by clicking here.

Saturday 10th May 2014

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