Welcome to the new and improved h9industries website. This website will be reguarly updated to make sure everyone has easy access to all of our online resources. If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please contact your administrator.


h9industries provide live radar images of the UK and Europe. Just visit the weather page to view these and a 4 day weather forecast. And because it's from h9industries, you know you'll get Live Weather. 24/7.

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h9i Mail

We have now launched the full h9i mail service. To access this, type mail.h9i.co.uk into your web browser and log in with your h9i email address. This email address can be obtained by contacting your administrator

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h9i Google Apps

h9i now uses the Google Apps service to provide access to joint calendars and documents To access these click the links below and use your h9i email address to log in, the same email address you use for our mail service.

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